"I had a miserable slate tile kitchen floor. I would sweep and mop repetitively and the color was bleeding out of it, it even stained our socks and feet. Everything stuck to it. Surface Doc came out stripped and sealed it and it's just beautiful !! Cleaning is super easy and I really can't believe how they were able to save my floor. So much savings compared to replacing it like I had considered doing. Thank you Surface Doc!"


- Nicole Koewler

"Surface Doc is always fast, friendly, and professional. They always do an amazing job to insure you are happy."


- Charity Fazzini

"Great job on our floors in isolation room at Humane Society of Tennessee Valley! Everyone loves it."


- Michelle White

"They cleaned the carpet at my house and they where clean, professional and did a great job."


- Matthew Vanriet

"They did a great job at my house and the quality of the job was great!"


- Christian Armstrong

"After seeing a few Surface Doc advertisements, I decided that it was time to attempt to do something about our original slate entryway. It was clear to me that it had layer upon layer of build up. John fully explained what he had to do to strip, clean and then seal the slate. What a surprise to find out the true floor color was gray rather than the chocolate brown color we had been living with! Surface Doc has since professionally cleaned both indoor and outdoor surfaces for us. We highly recommend Surface Doc for your cleaning needs."


- Beth D.

"I had recently purchased an older home and while the house itself had been beautifully restored beforehand, the concrete walkways and patio area outside had not. Surface Doc's deep cleaning system completely rejuvenated these surfaces, darkened by years of natural wear and discoloration. In minutes, the buildup was gone and the surfaces were pristine and white, back to their original condition. I went out that evening and, upon returning home, was amazed that the walkway leading from my driveway to the back door, which had previously blended with the landscaping at nighttime, seemed almost illuminated and now provided a clear and safe path. I'm very happy with Surface Doc's services!"


- Larry S.

"We had just purchased a house on October 14th and the carpets, being many years old, were atrocious. Two days later we employed the services of Surface Doc, Inc., who came in and completely restored the carpets to brand new status. Owner John Fitzwilliam was extremely knowledgeable and informative. He explained not only the imperfections of the carpet, but the processes and products needed for restoring them as well. The previous owner had many pet stains as well as various heavy-traffic areas, and Surface Doc removed them ALL. On top of that, they also deep-cleaned the tile and grout of the bathroom showers and kitchen floor and you would have thought we had just replaced them with brand new tile. Their product is extremely credible and the service was courteous, expedient, and very satisfactory. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wishing to restore their home or business to "like new" status."


- Matt & Stephanie M.

"I found Surface Doc to be a very professional company. They showed up when they said they would. Their staff worked with great diligence and effectiveness. I could not believe the difference in my garage, which had a lot of years-old auto grease and stains. They were able to remove all of the grease. We thought of our kitchen linoleum as being clean until we saw what clean really looked after Surface Doc finished. Plus they were very fast and cleaned up after they finished the work. I would strongly recommend them to any business or family that needs surfaces thoroughly cleaned."


- Les J.



"We had all but given up on several years of stains on our bedroom carpet. With three kids, our bedroom can be grand central station not to mention the sick bay. These stains are from heavy traffic and the stomach virus (several times over). As you can see from the pictures, the Surface Doc fixed our problem. We are very happy about the result and pleased with the professional and prompt service we received. We highly recommend the Surface Doc!"


- Greg G.



"We live in a log home with a porch that wraps around most of house. We had not done anything to clean the wood deck flooring in the 6 years we have lived here and doubt that anything much had been done in the previous 12 years since the house was built. Surface Doc, Inc. pulled up in front of the house with any and all equipment that might be needed for the job and had no problem reaching all the way around the house with their hoses, etc. The change in the wood deck was dramatic! For the first time we actually saw what the wood originally looked like. The results were more than I expected. Owner John Fitzwilliam was professional, knowledgeable and energetic and I would have no problem recommending his services."


- Garry B.



"I am impressed and, and that is hard for me to say. I have cleaned these carpets with my own carpet cleaner and I have had them done "professionally" This is the first time they have come clean and the nap of the carpet is restored. John and his crew did a great job and I would highly recommend his service as it is really top shelf."


- K. White



"This letter is in reference to John Fitzwilliam and Surface Doc. I cannot say enough positive things about John and the excellent work he performed for us at our home. John arrived on time for the quote and then followed up with a superb job on our floors.


The Vermont slate floors had 47 years of wax build up on them and Surface Doc took care of the problem like it never existed! Our floors are back to their original beauty. John also cleaned our carpet in our playroom, our steps going up to the second floor and several couches and chairs.


I was simply amazed at how clean everything is in our home and how professional and nice John and his crew were. There was not a moment's hesitation about letting John in to do the work and leaving them in our home. When I discovered a couple of small areas later that needed extra attention, John cheerfully came back and took care of these issues. Surface Doc also cleaned the 100 year old brick walkway outside our home and they look like new as well.


Needless-to-say, I would recommend John Fitzwilliam and Surface Doc to anyone who is looking for the state of the art cleaning system by folks who do what they say, when they say it, for a fair and reasonable price."




- Foster A.



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