Attention all home-owners, business owners, churches, and public offices…

SurfaceDoc can treat the Coronavirus

SurfaceDoc offers Sanitizing services for Human Coronavirus in the Greater Knoxville area.SurfaceDoc serves the Greater Knoxville Area

We can service both commercial and residential areas.

Amidst the current out-break of Human Coronavirus, SurfaceDoc will offer a Fogging service using an aggressive FDA approved commercial grade Sanitizer.

This service can give you the peace of mind knowing your home or work place has taken the necessary precautions to reduce infection of the Human Coronavirus.

The service we offer is what all mass transportations services have now enacted as their 1st line of defense against the Human Coronavirus (next to washing hands and face frequently), see links to publications below.

If you or your home or business is interested in retaining this service, please call SurfaceDoc today!


Appointments are on a 1st come, first serve basis.

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